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"This is the perfect pre-wedding gift for a couple who is planning an event that should be a source of joy and excitement, but that is often a source of stress, anxiety, frustration and even rage. Filled with practical and inspiring suggestions for creating a wedding celebration that joyfully expresses the souls of the two participants, this guide infuses its subject matter with psychological realism and a subtle tone of unsentimental spirituality."

-- Nathaniel Branden, PhD, author of "The Art of Living Consciously"



"In my nineteen years as a wedding photographer, I've seen so many brides miss out on the spiritual and romantic magic that a wedding should be about. So I am thrilled to recommend this book because it can rescue all future brides from making the same mistake. This book is destined to become the bible for creating truly fabulous and deeply meaningful weddings."

-- Wilson Pinilla, President and
CEO Pinilla Photography and Video Inc.



"As a wedding gown designer whose main concern is that the bride receive maximum value, I applaud Judith & Jim's practical, enthusiastic guide showing the wedding couple how to maximize the value and meaning of every aspect of their journey into marriage. This is a must read for every bride and groom and all the people who love them."

-- Madeline Gardner, Designer of Bridal Gowns, Mori Lee LLC



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"I read the book in one sitting. Upon completion, I jumped in my car to take it to my son¹s house, so he and his fiance wouldn¹t go one more day of their wedding planning without this heart-felt, practical guide."

-- Linda Bloom, co-author of "101 Things I Wish I Knew When I Got Married"



"This book is a joy to read from cover to cover. Every bride AND groom needs to read it so they can enjoy planning their wedding while also building the basis for the success of their future marriage."

-- Susan Jeffers, PhD, bestselling author of "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway" and "The Feel the Fear Guide to Lasting Love"



"Practical, prescient, precious. Judith and Jim have created a wedding masterpiece!"

-- Pat Love, EdD, author "The Truth about Love"


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"This book is absolutely great. A fascinating, readable, and wise blend of romance and practicality! Judith & Jim give just the right guidance and support for couples planning a marriage -- or for that matter planning a life together. From the earliest considerations of engagement to the end of the honeymoon, this book is an amazing gift to any couple who wants to make their marriage reflect their souls."

-- Sidra Stone, PhD & Hal Stone, PhD Co-creators of "Partnering: A New Kind of Relationship"


"This is a beautiful and sensible book. Drs. Judith and Jim have outlined a remarkable blueprint that will save couples a lot of time and money. The spiritual principles will help them to create deeper intimacy as they transition from twoness to oneness."

-- Dr. Grace Cornish, bestselling author of "The Sacred Bond: 7 Spiritual Truths to Recognize and Marry Your Very Own Soul Mate"


"This practical, helpful book guides couples through perhaps the most important event of their lives to date, and makes the experience more joyful then imagined."

-- Brian Tracy, bestselling author of "Your Own Future"


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"Utilizing real couples' stories and their own rich experiences, Judith and Jim brilliantly lead you through the rocky terrain of getting married; from pre-engagement considerations to the wedding day and beyond. Throughout, they act as the little voice in your head gently urging you to be true to yourself by planning a ceremony that will genuinely reflect the bond between you and your beloved. I will, without hesitation, recommend this book to all my nervous brides-to-be."

-- Farah Husain, Bridal Makeup Artist


"This book is hard to put down! Filled with invaluable information, it's everything a couple needs to plan their wedding and their life together."

-- Richard Markel, President - Association for Wedding Professionals Int'l Founder, Bridal Show Producers Int'l


"The wedding market is flooded with "how to" books - planners that all say essentially the same thing. Finally, here is a new, different and interesting approach. This is a book for the modern couple, reflecting a growing trend for the groom's involvement. It recognizes that wedding planning today can be . . . should be . . . the beginning of a life together."

-- Gerard J. Monaghan, President Association of Bridal Consultants


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"Too often, men are encouraged to leave the wedding planning to their fiancées -- with the result that their weddings and their marriages suffer. From a refreshing and very inspiring point of view, Judith and Jim reveal why it's essential for the bride and groom to plan their wedding together. This book establishes the template for weddings of the future."

-- Melissa Wilt, Public Policy Analyst Men's Health Network Washington, D.C.


"If only one person makes all of the decisions about the wedding, it stands to reason that that person will be burdened with making most of the decisions in the marriage. Judith & Jim give couples the tools to discover what matters most to them for their ceremony and its various celebrations opening the door to rich communication, which is the basis for a strong marriage."

-- Julia Markel, Vice-President Association for Wedding Professionals Int'l


"From "Popping the Questions" to "The Honeymoon" and everything in between, this book covers it all! It arrived just in time for our son and future daughter-in-law to plan the wedding of their dreams!"

-- Charlie Bloom, co-author of "101 Things I Wish I Knew When I got Married"


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Judith & Jim

PS The Smart Couple's Guide is the perfect gift for newly engaged couples; those couples who are thinking about getting married; anyone involved in the wedding profession; anyone who will be participating in and/or helping with a wedding; and anyone who just loves weddings!